GREE Remote Control Air Circulator Fan-FXDZ-2305Bg5 (Turbo Speed Fan)

৳ 11,390.00

Air Tensity Spiral Grill

The special twist of the front grill creats a spiral effect that allows the air to travel throughtout the whole room.

Enclosed Air Duct

By enclosing the deep pitch blades in a cylindrical duct,air is sculpted into a high-velocity column that powers through hot and cold zones.

Wider Oscillation Angle.

Brushless DC Motor with long service life and quieter.


About this item: 

  • 8 speeds setting
  • Adjustable height
  • 3 modes (normal/sleep/turbo)
  • Air volume: 25m³/min
  • Air speed up: 7.5m/s
  • Air distance up to 14m
  • Sleep 25dB
  • Power Consumption: 36 watt
  • Digital display and  remote control available
  • Parts removable and washable
  • 60/90/120°left&right
  • 105° up & down oscillation
  • 7hrs programmable timer
  • 40HQ:776PCS
  • 327*359*1106mm

৳ 11,390.00

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