KONKA and HAIKO launch Eid-ul-Adha campaign “Ghosha Dilei Gold”

Electro Mart group launched a month-long special promotional program for retail and wholesale customers on the occasion of the Holy Eid-ul-Adha for its konka and haiko brand electronics. customers on the occasion of the Holy Eid-ul-Adha for its konka and haiko brand electronics. During this campaign, retail customers will get a scratch card on purchase of Konka and Haiko brand refrigerators, LED TVs, microwave ovens and washing machines, which can be scratched to win numerous attractive prizes including gold ornaments, Konka LED TVs and many more attractive gifts. There are special discounts for partners and dealers on total withdrawals and foreign travel opportunities.

At the beginning of the conference, the honorable DMD of Electro Mart Limited Group Md. Nurul Afser thanked the incoming partners and guests. He said that for more than two decades, the world’s best brand Konka Electronics and Home Appliances has become a symbol of trust and confidence of the customers of the country. Konka’s electronics are now readily available in every home in remote areas of the country. All of which is due to our partners, well-wishers, buyers, consumers and their genuine love and trust. Konka and Haiko brands of electronics and home appliance products are now the first choice of consumers worldwide due to their unique features, quality, acceptability, after-sales service and affordable prices. He also said that Gree refrigerators and freezers, Konka ice cream freezers, showcase freezers, no-frost refrigerators and freezers will soon be introduced to the market.

In the offer launch event, there was a special discussion about Konka’s products, which are appreciated in more than two hundred countries of the world. The world’s leading brand Konka refrigerators and freezers, ceiling fans are now completely manufactured in Bangladesh. Every product of Konka Electronics is domestic, eco-friendly, easy to use, affordable and designed to suit the needs and mindset of the customers and manufactured using the latest technology in the world. The latest technology and special features used in Konka refrigerator and freezer products set it apart from other refrigerators in the market, giving it a special reputation. Notable features are Blue- Zone and Vitamin Fresh Technology, Face-Up Foaming Technology, Active Carbon Deodorizer, Humidity Controller, Antifungal Door Gasket, Digital Display Inverter Technology, Konka Deep Freezer Auto Technology. For example, Konka’s activated carbon deodorizer basically works by deactivating bacteria up to 99.9% to maintain food quality. As a result, the smell of one food doesnot go to another food. Food stays good for a long time. Konka fridges have the widest and deepest design so there is no need to worry about the space inside the fridge. Whether you buy fish, meat, vegetables, fruits, all markets can be stored together. Konka fridge uses 100% food grade plastic. Since food is mainly stored in the refrigerator, this type of plastic is used to preserve the properties, quality and health benefits of the food. Keeping in mind the increased electricity bills, inverter technology has been added to Konka refrigerators, which increases the longevity of the refrigerator and also saves on electricity bills. Konka Freezer’s triple mode digital temperature control ensures refrigerator, freezer and supercool convenience at the same time. There are also push-pull glasses with aesthetic designs.

Besides, Konka’s home appliance products such as; LED TVs, washing machines, microwave ovens, mixer grinders, electric kettles, gas stoves, infrared cookers, pressure cookers, rice cookers, electric irons, and some parts of several home appliance products are imported and assembled. The event was also attended by Director Mohammad Sazzed-Un-Newaz, Nurul Azim Sunny, Sales and Marketing GM Mahmudun Nabi Chowdhury, National Sales Manager Zulhak Hossain and other senior officials.

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